Diagnoses and Prognoses Pertaining to Spine Fusion Surgery

No diagnosis is an automatic precursor to surgery. Spine fusion surgery, however, is often tied to diagnoses like scoliosis, kyphosis, and degenerative disc diseases that result in discogenic pain as it is a long-term, stabilizing way to end suffering for patients who struggle with back pain. For people who suffer from these conditions, pain […]

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Medications to Take Before and After Spine Fusion Surgery

Pain management medication can be sensitive for patients, especially those with narcotic properties. It is important that patients follow doctor directions on prescription dosage and any consequent dietary or lifestyle restrictions given in accordance with medications.

Medications are one of the first steps to back pain relief before spine fusion surgery would be considered. Low […]

Spinal Injections: A Precursor to Spine Fusion Surgery

After heat, ice, medication, purposeful exercise and other stimulating pain relief options have been exhausted, spinal injections are usually a final threshold of treatment before surgery is recommended. No more than two spinal injections are given at a time in most cases, and usually a patient will receive fewer than five per year. Many […]

Spine Fusion Surgery: Treatment for Back Pain

Treatment for Back Pain and Spinal Movement Abnormalities

Spine fusion surgery is recommended for patients who suffer from severe and uncontrollable back, neck, or shoulder pain or sciatic symptoms. Though surgery is typically a last-resort treatment for pain, back pain can be fully immobilizing and cause a complete rift in one’s lifestyle. Work, school, […]