TreatmentTreatment for Back Pain and Spinal Movement Abnormalities

Spine fusion surgery is recommended for patients who suffer from severe and uncontrollable back, neck, or shoulder pain or sciatic symptoms. Though surgery is typically a last-resort treatment for pain, back pain can be fully immobilizing and cause a complete rift in one’s lifestyle. Work, school, parenting, home management, and daily hygiene and self-care can all depreciate and even become impossible for an individual whose back pain renders them immobile.

What’s more, spine fusion is also a designated treatment for the immobility itself, as fusion is can be a solution for any deficit or difficulty involving spinal movement. Most GPs and neurologists will recommend medication, injection, and physical therapy before resorting to surgery, but spine fusion surgery is a major treatment option for many spinal conditions.

In cases of severe and unending back pain, a discography can be performed to help confirm whether the pain comes from discogenic or vertebral misalignment, instability, or breakage. In the case that pain is caused by one of these issues, spine fusion is often the eventual treatment option.

Spine fusion serves as a treatment for misaligned vertebrae, scoliosis, kyphosis, injury stabilization, discogenic pain as a result of degenerative disc disease, spinal tumors, herniated discs, fractured or broken vertebrae, severe pain, neurological deficits, spinal deformities, and more.