MedicationsPain management medication can be sensitive for patients, especially those with narcotic properties. It is important that patients follow doctor directions on prescription dosage and any consequent dietary or lifestyle restrictions given in accordance with medications.

Medications are one of the first steps to back pain relief before spine fusion surgery would be considered. Low doses of medications like Tramadol are generally the first choice for doctors because they are less habit-forming and relieve temporary or low-threshold back pain. Those experiencing short-term back pain as a result of strain, injury, or accident will typically start here.

The other primary use of medication in relation to spinal pain is immediately following a surgical procedure such as a spine fusion surgery. At this time, pain medication will depend on what other medications a patient is taking, what other existing conditions a patient has, and the general needs of the patient. Many patients find the incision site for the bone graft is a source of greater pain than the surgical site. Medications one might be prescribed following a spine fusion include Percocet, Hydrocodone, and others.

It is important to use these medications with care as many are considered narcotic and can be habit-forming and dangerous in high doses. Consulting with your surgeon and strictly following dosing instructions is absolutely necessary.