SolutionSpine fusion surgery, a process of removing and replacing discs between vertebrae to stabilize spinal movement, is a solution for many spinal conditions and disorders. Pain relief, restoration of spinal movement, and overall bodily mobility is the major result of this invasive but effective surgery. Spine fusion surgery is a solution for:


  • Discogenic pain – Pain resulting from any degenerative disc disease or damaged disc.
  • Herniated disc – Condition in which the outer layer of a vertebral disc is separated, causing painful exposure of the disc’s inner layer.
  • Degenerative disc disease – Any condition resulting in damaged vertebral discs. Pain stemming from degenerative disc disease (discogenic pain) can be in the lower back and legs if the disease is in the lumbar region, or the arms, shoulders, or neck as a result of cervical damage.
  • Fractured or broken vertebrae – Vertebrae can fracture or break from menopause, osteoporosis, chemotherapy and radiation, extended use of corticosteroids, or injury.
  • Scoliosis and kyphosis.
  • Neurological deficits following injury.
  • Stabilization of the neck following injury.
  • Spinal deformities.
  • Misaligned vertebral motion.
  • Lumbar, thoracic, or cervical back pain.
  • And more.


There are less invasive options such as medication, injections, and exercise or physical therapy, but for the more severe cases of any of the above conditions, surgery is often recommended.